Reference projects and consultations

Big Projects

Housing society in Stockholm, Sweden

Tender review and project management for Solar installation 6 x 90 kW



Solar Park, 5 MW

Our experienced analysts have knowledge from authoring of a technical description for a 5 MW solar park.



Solar Roof, 2.5 MW

Our experienced analysts have experience from tender review of one of Swedens biggest solar roof installations, 2.5 MW


Technical Due Diligence +14 MW Solar Park

Our analysts have experience of giving independent expert opinion on a project regarding the construction of a +14 MW solar power park intended to be installed in southern Sweden. Review from a technical perspective of data obtained from EPC.

Factory Solar + Battery

Our analysts have experience in authoring a feasibility study for a 161 kW PV roof installation in combination with 81 kWh battery storage.



Logistics Centre

Our analysts have experience in producing general key figures for solar energy potential in a 300-hectare area for planned industrial buildings, and in developing insights into how the location, azimuth and inclination of buildings affect the solar energy potential for the area.


Solar Education

Our analysts have experience of providing education for players in the solar power industry.

The educations focus on technology, market insights, strategy, economics and the permit process.


Housing Society Brf Postiljonen

Project management geothermal heating 180 kW
Project management IMD, 150 electricity meters Energy counseling
Analysis & Cost and revenue calculations & Investment follow-up


Confidential Customer, Enköping, Sweden

Solar installation 21.5 kW
Off-Grid Battery Backup System 13,5 kWh



Confidential Customer, Enköping, Sweden

Solar installation 27 kW
Off Grid Home Battery Storage 10 kWh



Aberga byväg 4, Västerås

Solar installation 7 kW




Högalidsvägen 6, Sundbyberg

Solar installation 7 kW



Tillinge Öndesta, Enköping, Sweden

Solar installation 8.8 kW




Solar Installation 6 kW (yet to be installed)



Confidential customer, Sollentuna

EV Charger installation 2 x 11 kW, full dynamic load flow balancing



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