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Turnkey Contracting, technical consultancy and procurement


Let us help you invest in an EV-charging solution that meets your needs.


Consultation on suitable charging solutions for your purposes and purchases.


Orrevad Solar works with 3 selected suppliers with a specialized range in smart electric car charging. Based on customer conditions, problems and requirements, Orrevad Solar recommends solutions from one of these 3 selected suppliers. The techniques that these manufacturers specialize in are:


  • Load balancing – Smart charging of 1-2 vehicles with regard to existing main fuse for optimal utilization of the power supply.
  • Charging with solar – Smart charging of 1-2 vehicles with regard to simultaneous production from solar cells.
  • Smart charging of many vehicles according to priority and optimal utilization of existing main fuse.


    Full dynamic load balancing

    With fully dynamic phase balancing, you make optimal use of the property’s main fuse, can use all unused electrical capacity in the property to give the car the fastest possible charge and can power control your electricity grid connection.

    Electric car chargers with fully dynamic phase balancing can derive their power from the phases with the lowest load in the property, for example if phase 3 is already used to the maximum against what the fuse can handle, the charger draws its power from the other 2 phases. 

    All other basic functions of an electric car charger are included in the solution.


    Charge with solar energy

    Control the electric car charger to charge the car with excess energy from your photovoltaic system instead of delivering the solar power to the mains.

    All other basic functions of an electric car charger are included in the solution.

    Smart power control

    Smart power control balances the electric car charge against the electricity consumption in the property, cuts power peaks and charges the maximum with cars.

    Solution for parking spaces for more than 2 cars.

    All other basic functions of an electric car charger are included in the solution.

    Smooth bookkeeping and sharing of charing station

    Solution that makes it easy for the company car driver to distinguish between work and private driving, measure and report charging to get paid by the company for charging.

    Solution to share your charging station with friends and acquaintances and get paid for charging.

    Turnkey Contract – EV Charging

    Orrevad Solar AB is a complete supplier of technical solutions for electric car chargers, solar cells and battery storage. We are aware of and take responsibility for all aspects that are part of a contract, from a feasibility study to a pre-installed and commissioned facility.

    We are independent of suppliers and choose brands of technical equipment depending on the price situation and according to what best suits the specific conditions of your property.

    We have extensive experience of technically tailored solutions and are ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

    We work according to the Consumer Purchase Act and ABT06, respectively, depending on whether you are a private person, company or association.

    We use experienced project managers and collaborate with knowledgeable subcontractors for execution. We use a meticulous work model for the implementation of our contracts, which is based on our quality, work environment and environmental management system, where we use project-adapted self-inspections to ensure the quality of the entire process.

    Orrevad Solar AB has construction insurance.

    In close collaboration with the customer, we arrive at which technical solution is suitable for your purposes.

    Let us help you install electric car chargers that meet your requirements.
    We tell you what requirements are possible to realize with today’s technology.

    Interested in moving on? Contact us to discuss a solar cell solution for your property.

    Procurement and technical guidance

    Example EV-Charger packages

    Load balancing 11 kW

    For 1 car, Type 2-Connector, no cable
    Contact us for pricing.

    Full dynamic load balancing.

    Charge with solar 11 kW

    For 1 car, Type 2-Connector, no cable.
    Contact us for pricing.

    Smart power control 11 kW

    For >2 cars, Type 2-Connector, no cable

    Contact us for pricing. 

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