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Business model, experience and vision

Orrevad Solar are experts in environment friendly technologies for fossil free energy systems. 


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Gustav Orrevad, CEO and founder.

Orrevad Solar’s business model:


Our solutions help our customers contribute to energy conversion and reduce their climate footprint through reduced energy use of fossil energy and through smart use and own production of climate-friendly solar energy, while both saving and making money.

Independent consultation
We advise and project manage for small and large players. Our expertise helps our customers realize their plans and carry out projects linked to solar power parks, photovoltaic systems, battery storage and electric car chargers.

Turnkey Contract
We carry out turnkey contracts for energy-efficient solutions in the form of photovoltaic systems, battery storage and electric car chargers for private individuals, companies and associations.

We educate in climate-friendly life choices and change in energy consumption patterns with a focus on reducing our customers’ energy consumption and climate footprint.

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Orrevad Solar has experience of:

  • turnkey contracts of smaller PV- and battery storage installation for the residential sector.
  • analysis of large PV roof installation with battery storage for commercial customers
  • advisory activities for several of Sweden’s largest photovoltaic parks and largest photovoltaic facilities on roofs.



Orrevad Solar contributes to the transition from today’s fossil-intensive one-way society to a circular and sustainable society where the least possible damage is done to the planet and its finite resources. We do this by offering our expertise in solar power, energy storage and electric car charging to society and the market.

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