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Let us help you invest in a home battery that meets your needs. We tell you what wishes are possible to realize


We help you select a suitable system for your purposes and assist with purchasing.


We help electricity network companies and players in the electricity market with investigations and analyzes.

Area of Use


Backup / Emergency Power Supply, EPS

Use your battery storage as backup power when you have had a power outage in the mains.

In the event of a longer crisis, for example after a storm such as storm Alfrida or Gunnel, you are with the solution that Orrevad Solar markets sure that you will have access to electricity as long as the power outage lasts, whether it is 1 hour or 1 month. This is because the battery is recharged by the solar cells during ongoing power outages in the mains.

Read more about our reserve power solutions.

A critical function with reserve power from battery storage is that the battery storage must be able to be charged by solar cells during an ongoing power outage in the electricity grid. In this way, you are guaranteed electricity in the property regardless of whether the power outage lasts for 1 day, 1 month or 1 year, given of course that the sun shines on the solar cells so that electricity is generated to charge the batteries.

The majority of battery storage systems for solar cells on the market are unable to be reserve power and / or to charge the battery during an ongoing power outage.

Orrevad Solar only delivers backup power solutions that can be charged by solar during ongoing power outages.

Batterilager för hus och hem


Reduce your power charges with a battery pack.

Customers with power subscriptions with their electricity network company have the opportunity to reduce their power charges by limiting their power output from the network during the hours when they have the highest consumption. For each reduced kW peak power each month, you save in reduced fees to the electricity network company.

Time-of-Use / Arbitrage

Reduce your electricity costs with a battery store.

Charge the battery at night when electricity prices are low, discharge the battery in the morning when electricity prices are high. Charge the battery with free solar during the day, discharge the battery in the evening when electricity prices are high again.

Phase Balancing and lowered main fuse size

Do you have problems with the fuse blowing? Secure or prevent a breach of your main fuse and save money on your electricity subscription.

There are 2 solutions to enable a hedging or prevention of hedging of properties’ main hedging, through phase balancing and discharging of batteries.

A phase balancing function means balancing the load between phases L1, L2, L3. In this way, there will be the same load on all 3 phases even though you consume different amounts on the different phases within the property.

A discharge of battery function is implemented by controlling the batteries, for example to recharge the load on a phase> the size of the main fuse or to discharge with x kW when you normally have your power peak, e.g. between 11-14 every day.

More area of uses - Frequency control, Voltage support and more.

Large battery stores can be used for more functions in the electricity grid, such as frequency control, electricity quality improvement, capacity stabilization, voltage support, enabling predictable load schedules, etc.

In addition, the installation of batteries in the mains can make it possible to postpone mains reinforcements.

Most often, it is electricity network companies and various players in the electricity market that invest in large battery stocks.

Load regulation against electricity price is an additional function which means that the battery stock is charged and discharged depending on current electricity prices on the Nord Pool electricity exchange. The development of control of smaller battery stocks towards price levels on power exchanges such as Nord Pool has today not come far enough for this function to be commercialized.

Orrevad Solar only delivers turnkey contracts for smaller battery warehouses for residential and corporate properties. Smaller battery stores are not able to deliver the functions mentioned here.


Battery technology for properties is in a technological leap. There are many different solutions on the market, but they usually have narrow areas of use. Not all wishes are certain that it is possible to combine in one and the same system.

Battery storage can be installed both with or without a photovoltaic system connected to the battery storage system.
Battery storage can be based on either a DC-connected or AC-connected solution.

Does the battery storage system only need to work with a faultless network for power generation or energy transfer?

Does the battery storage system only need to have backup power without the requirement to be able to charge during an ongoing power outage?

Does the battery storage system need to have reserve power with requirements to be able to charge and recharge repeatedly during an ongoing power outage?

The choice of complete solution is based on your primary purposes with the battery storage system.
Contact us if you want to discuss solutions that fulfill your purposes.

Turnkey Contractat – Home Battery

Orrevad Solar AB is a complete supplier of technical solutions for battery storage with and without solar cells. We are aware of and take responsibility for all aspects that are part of a contract, from a feasibility study to a pre-installed and commissioned facility.

We have extensive experience of technically tailored solutions and are ready to take on all kinds of challenges.

We work according to the Consumer Purchase Act and ABT06, respectively, depending on whether you are a private person, company or association.

We use experienced project managers and collaborate with knowledgeable subcontractors for execution. We use a meticulous work model for the implementation of our contracts, which is based on our quality, work environment and environmental management system, where we use project-adapted self-inspections to ensure the quality of the entire process.

Orrevad Solar AB is insured.


We are independent of suppliers and choose brands of technical equipment depending on the price situation and according to what best suits the specific conditions of your property.

Let us help you invest in battery stocks that meet your needs.
We tell you what wishes are possible to realize with today’s technology.

Interested in moving on? Contact us to discuss a battery storage solution for your property.

Dimensioning and Procurement

We help you with technology selection, dimensioning and to buy equipment at favorable prices. Delivery to the door.

Included in order:

  • Detailed list of materials for a complete system (Inverters, Batteries, Battery Management System BMS, cabling and connectors).
  • Wiring diagram

    By special request, also included in order:

  • Option list of various proposals for inverter and battery brands.
  • Revenue calculation based on estimates, for a fixed fee.

Ball ideas and buy your equipment through us and you can be sure that you get a well-thought-out battery system optimized according to your property’s conditions and your wishes.
We teach you what you can do yourself and what you need an electrician to help you with.

Price examples 

Package Emergency Power Supply &
5 kW, 5 kWh
ca. 90 000 SEK, incl. VAT & shipping.

See components

5 kWh, 5 kW Battery
Battery Management System, BMS
DC-Cable 20 m
Electrical installation components

Package Emergency Power Supply &
10 kW, 10 kWh
ca. 150 000 SEK, incl. VAT & shipping.

See components

10 kWh, 10 kW Battery
Battery Management System, BMS
DC-Cable 20 m
Electrical installation components

Package Peak Shaving & Time-of-Use & Phase Balancing
7 kW, 11 kWh
ca. 180 000 SEK, incl. VAT & shipping.

See components

10 kWh, 7 kW Battery
Battery Management System, BMS
DC-Cable 20 m
Electrical installation components

Investigations and Analysis

Orrevad Solar conducts investigations and analyzes for the electricity market for large and small battery storage systems.

Contact us if you have a case that needs to be analyzed.

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