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Energy consultancy for real estate and solar and home battery contracting

Climate-driven and tech-experienced entrepreneurs

Orrevad Solar creates a sustainable future with fossil-free energy production. We deliver solutions and advise you on energy efficiency measures that are good for the climate – and that saves you money.

Project Management

Let our knowledge and expertise help you and the climate.

Turnkey Contractations



Turnkey contract
DIY-Solar packages


Home Battery

Turnkey contract
DIY-home battery packages



Turnkey contract

We help you contribute to the climate change

Our business concept is to help you contribute to climate change. We do this by increasing your expertise in energy efficiency measures and smart climate investments.

Our services, advice and contracts lead to you both generating revenue and implementing cost savings linked to your energy consumption. We strive to be a long-term and reliable partner to our customers.

Turnkey Contractation

Orrevad Solar AB is a complete supplier of technical solutions for solar cells, battery storage and electric car chargers. We are aware of and take responsibility for all aspects that are part of a contract, from a feasibility study to a pre-installed and commissioned facility.

We are independent of suppliers and choose brands of technical equipment depending on the price situation and according to what best suits the specific conditions of your property and needs.

We focus on technically complex solutions as we like challenges and competence development.

We work according to the Consumer Purchase Act (Konsumtköplagen) and ABT06, respectively, depending on whether you are a private person, company or housing association (Brf, Hrf).

We use experienced project managers and collaborate with knowledgeable subcontractors for execution. We use a thorough work model for the implementation of our contracts based on our quality, work environment and environmental management system, where we use project-adapted self-inspections to ensure the quality of the entire process.

Independent consultancy and

project management 


Orrevad Solar is also an independent advisor in our areas of expertise and assists as support in your business. Our services are available regardless of which page you represent in a store.

We also carry out in-depth energy analyzes and investigations for farmers, tenants’ and tenant-owner associations, companies and players in the electricity market.

Orrevad Solar AB has consulting liability insurance.

Some of our reference projects

Snösundsvägen Solceller

Confidential, Enköping, Sweden
17.6 kW Solar installation + 13.5 kWh home battery (Offgrid)


Confidental, Enköping, Sweden
17 kW Solar installation
10 kWh home battery (Offgrid)

Aberga Byväg 4, Västerås, Sweden
10.2 kW Solar installation 

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