Energy consultancy for housing society

Advice and project management for installation of geothermal heating and Individual Measurement and Charging of electricity (IMD, Collective Measurement).
Analysis, profitability calculations and operational follow-up. 

Assignment: Energy Consultation

Competence: Geothermal Heating, Individual Metering and Debiting Electricity, Project management, Electricity trading agreements for consumption, Energy analysis heat and electricity.

Customer: Brf Postiljonen

Place: Södermalm, Stockholm

Contact Details to customer: Given on inquiery

Brf Postiljonen is an association on Södermalm in Stockholm with an annual heat energy requirement of 1100 MWh and an electricity requirement of 450 kWh. During 2018-2020, Brf Postiljonen has invested in a 180 kW geothermal heating plant that is operated in combination with the district heating system, and switched to collective metering of its electricity, which means that all apartments’ electricity meters have been expanded to electricity meters now owned by the association.

Orrevad Solar has helped the board with:
Procurement of projects and project management during the installations.
Administration of electricity meter changes so that all apartments are matched against the correct electricity meter.
Pricing of electricity to customers and tenants.
Develop an optimal operating strategy for the association’s geothermal heating system with regard to energy and power charges for drivel to the geothermal heat pumps, electricity to the property and energy and power charges for district heating.
Negotiation of electricity trade agreements for the property’s consumption.

In addition, Orrevad Solar has assisted the board with:
Procurement of a new technical and financial manager
Procurement for renovation of sewer trunks.

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