Feasability Study PV and Battery Storage for factory

Orrevad Solar’s analysts have experience from the constitution of a feasibility study that provided answers to whether the customer’s intended solar cell plant in combination with a merger of the property’s connection points and installation of a battery warehouse could provide economies of scale from an economic perspective, which these economies of scale were and the economies of scale’s respective impact on the investment calculation. The assignment also included an analysis of the technical design of the photovoltaic system and analysis of alternative design solutions.

The assignment was not performed by Orrevad Solar AB.

Assignment: Preliminary study, Technical konsultation, Design, Battery dimensioning

Competence: Design, Tariff and energy price analysis.  

Customer: Confidential

Place: Sweden

The feasibility study also provided answers to how the own consumption of solar increased when merging the property’s connection points.
The feasibility study led to the end customer and contractor changing the intended design of the system solution to a more optimal solution.

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